Insider’s Guide to the Happiest, Healthiest, Most Well-Behaved Pug

Insider’s Guide to the Happiest, Healthiest, Most Well-Behaved Pug


This eBook package by author Sharda Baker contains astonishing facts your breeder should tell you about your pug.


This eBook package by author Sharda Baker, a renowned publisher of many popular dog ebooks on the internet, has recently released a book covering everything about the Pug that you are ever likely to need to know! Sharda has put together a thorough and easy to follow resource that covers everything from deciding if a Pug is right for you and your family, right through to buying and caring for a Pug, including care for the ageing Pug, plus everything in between!

The book covers all aspects of Pug care, including grooming, diet and nutrition, health, and training issues. The practical tips and techniques offered go along way to help prevent you from making the same mistakes many Pug owners have been making.

The ebook package consists of the main comprehensive  ebook, plus 3 free bonuses. 

The bonuses alone offer terrific value and include  audio on grooming, plus several ebooklets covering topics such as; Improving Your Pug’s Temperament, Walking your Pug On and Off a Leash and Teaching Your Doggy 13 neat tricks!

Sharda also offers a  full 60 day 100% money back guarantee if you are not 100% completely happy with his product for any reason whatsoever.

All you need to do is email her and she will organize a refund.  Can’t beat that.

A lot of time and research has gone into this quality product, and you now have the opportunity to benefit from this.

Please click HERE for more details on the Pug ebook package.

Happy reading and Happy Curly Tails!




2 reviews for Insider’s Guide to the Happiest, Healthiest, Most Well-Behaved Pug

  1. rbherkes

    I just had to let you know how great your Pug ebook is Sharda.
    I received my pug puppy at 8weeks and was basically clueless on how to care for him.
    Your book answered ALL of my concerns.
    I would recommend this to anyone who has a new puppy or anyone who is expecting to get one. My dog Sparky is all I had thought he would be and more.
    I feel much more comfortable now that I have the knowledge from your book and I am confident that I will have a healthy happy pug for many years to come.
    Thank you so much for helping me and my family care for our new addition here in Merced, California!

    Javette Tyson

    Merced, California

  2. rbherkes

    Hi there,

    I recently purchased the set of Pug e-books from Ms. Baker geared to Pug owners.
    The e-book and excellent free bonuses have quickly become our single source of information on our Pugs, covering everything from training to the right dog foods to choosing a vet to exercise to almost anything you will need to know to raise your Pug for yours and his happiness.
    I highly recommend Sharda’s Pug e-book package to anyone searching for a single source of good, useful information on the Pug breed of dog.”

    Thanks so much Sharda,


    Tom McDowell,
    Meadville, PA, USA

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