12 Misconceptions About Service Dogs and Those Who Use Them

by Kaelynn Partlow, August 2019 from The Bark Today, as dogs are being trained to assist with an increasingly wide range of conditions, more individuals are incorporating a four-legged helper into their lives. That said, there are still many misconceptions surrounding service dogs, including who can have them and what they do. Here are 12…
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How to Teach Your Dog to Sit the Right Way

by Your Dog Advisor Staff; dated July 21, 2019; from It’s the very first thing you teach your new puppy to do. In fact, many puppies start to learn it on their own! The all-important “sit” command. However, some dog owners actually teach their puppy how to sit incorrectly. Even worse, some dogs never…
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Emotional Support Dog Joins Forty-Niners Football

by Karen B. London, PhD, November 2019 from The Bark If other professional football teams want to know the secret behind the San Francisco 49ers amazing start this season (eight consecutive wins and no losses at the time of this writing), they might want to consider Zoë’s role. Zoë is the National Football League’s first…
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New neighbors

Niele meets new neighbors

Choosing A Food For Your Pet: Here’s What To Consider

Guest Contributor Alyssa Williams from You want what’s best for your pet, so naturally, you want to feed him or her the healthiest diet possible. But the truth is, every animal’s dietary needs are different, so the key is to learn some general information about pet nutrition to help you make healthy choices for…
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