It’s a Part-e-e-e-e in the house!

Woohoo! It’s a party! I’m celebrating 100 likes on Facebook! Thank you all sooooo much. I hope you enjoy our party video!

I’m so sad…

I’m sad because no one has liked, shared, or supported my Kickstarter campaign. And only one of my friends have bought my new eBook. I only have 21 more days to create the support I need to meet my goal of bringing fun, adorable children’s books to the world. So to help you help me,…
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Zoom! Zoom!

Help me post more stuff here  !

Hey…I’m having a contest

Hey there! I’m having a contest on Amazon. Check it out here: FREE eBOOK GIVEAWAY! Happy Holidays! Niele

Can you help me?

Aloha! I’m excited again! I guess that’s my MO. My Mom and Dad have started a Kickstarter campaign for my new book series. They need your help to finish the children’s book series. This first book, The Adventures Begin, has just been published. Take a look and tell me what you think. Click HERE to…
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My New eBook is published!

Aloha! I’m Niele. I’m 3 months old. My name means “curious” in Hawaiian. I wonder why they think I’m curious.


Aloha and Welcome to my new website and blog! My name is Niele and I’m a 5 year old black pug. My name means “nosey” or “curious” in Hawaiian. I’m not sure why my Mom and Dad named me that. Do you think I’m curious? Let me know why. I can’t wait to hear from…
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