All of the organizations listed here are supported by Niele’s Adventures. If you purchase one of Niele’s books or any of the “Cool Gear ‘N’ Stuff”, a part of the profits is contributed to these organizations. Team up with Niele to support your favorite organization.

Amici Cannis Foundation & Hospital

Amici Cannis is Niele’s new favorite vet hospital. Dr. Marce, Dr. Alan and Dr. Beth made sure Niele’s hip surgery went smoothly and now he’s happy, healthy and running around like a puppy!

Amici Cannis is also where Niele adopted his new sister Zoey, the rescued pug, and she’s so happy they found her!

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Happy Tails at Pegasus

Niele loves the work that Happy Tails at Pegasus is doing for animals in need!

“We are dedicated to assisting animals in need with transitional housing and when necessary permanent sanctuary.”

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WoofTrax App

Niele uses the WoofTrax app everytime he goes out to play or goes on an adventure. That way he can help all of his fellow canine friends even if he hasn’t meet them in person yet.

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Kohala Animal Relocation and Education Service is one of Niele’s favorite organizataions because they help so many dogs find great homes. That’s where Niele found his sister Seppe, the Australian Shepard.

KARES not only saved Seppe, they made sure they found her a good home.

Red Rover

“2% of the profits from the sales of ‘Niele the Curious Pug: Book1 – The Adventures Begin’ will be donated to RedRover, a national non-profit organization. While not part of RedRover’s book list, this book shares the charming adventures of a curious pug and his adventures with his animal friends.”
~Erin Bialecki, Membership & Development Manager

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The Humane Society

The Humane Society is another of Niele’s favorite ogranizations because they work really hard to save all kinds of animals all over the US.

Niele adopted his “big” little brother Koa from the Humane Society on the Big Island of Hawaii. He was rescued after being dumped in a trash bin.

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Pacific Pug Rescue

Niele loves Pacific Pug Rescue because they do such a great job not only rescuing pugs but finding great homes for them.

“Pacific Pug Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We’re operated by volunteers, and we rely solely on donations from the community. With no paid staff, every penny of your tax-deductible donation goes to help save Pugs in Oregon, Washington and Idaho. Check out our About page to learn more about our history and success stories.” ~ Pacific Pug Rescue

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