Happy Birthday Niele!

Happy Birthday Niele!

Our little Niele turns 8 years old today. While we’re going to celebrate with a long walk, new beds for both Niele and Zoey, and special treats at dinner time, we also wanted to let you know something we think is kind of cool.

We’ve always used the old equation: dog years x 7 = equivalent human years, to get an idea of how old our dog is compared to human years. However, according to new research, there’s a new equation to use for figuring out dog years in relationship to human years.

[ln(dog years) x 16] + 31 = dog age in human years

For those of you who are math averse, no worries. The “times 7” is still fairly close. But for those like me who like science, math, and tech, this is a really cool new equation.

Here’s an example:

Old equation: Niele is 8 years old. So 8 x 7 = 56 years old in equivalent human years.

New equation: [ln(8 yrs) x 16] + 31 = 64.27 years old in equivalent human years.

I’ve tested it and it works all the from 3 months. Cool! Right?

So if you want more information about this cool new equation, refer to Science News HERE or Cell Systems HERE.

And if you or your dog want to wish Niele a Happy Birthday, leave a comment or check out his facebook page HERE.

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