Checkout My New PoyPet Harness – Product Review

Checkout My New PoyPet Harness – Product Review

We purchased this PoyPet harness from Amazon.com for Niele, our 5 year old, 23 lbs (10.5 kg) pug as a replacement for his current harness, which never fit very well.

This harness is super easy to adjust and put on. I’ve been looking for a harness that was both comfortable, practical, and fit well for almost 5 years. Our pug is a little bit bigger than the average, weighing about 23 lbs, with a big deep chest and very broad shoulders and a thick neck. So the normal pug-size stuff doesn’t fit, but the next size up for medium to large dogs doesn’t usually have enough adjust ability. We were using a cute little harness but the only way to get it to fit properly is to adjust it so that it is very loose and sloppy, which meant he could slip out of it very easily.

For our pug, PoyPet’s fitting chart recommended a size medium. I was able to adjust the harness easily, however the neck is on it’s very loosest position (as wide as it goes). However, I love the cut on the harness around the neck and the fact that the chest piece is short enough so that it doesn’t cut into our pug’s tummy when he sits and lays down. The padded areas on the back and chest of the harness are very comfortable. The most important thing is that the harness fits well enough to not slip around when Niele is walking, trotting or running. Also, it doesn’t bother him like the loose harness did. He doesn’t even seem to care that’s it’s on.

I was worried about the large clips/buckles on the harness interfering with Niele’s movement or comfort, but they are placed just perfectly to not interfere with movement or comfort. The other features  of the harness that are useful are the handle on the back portion, which I’ve actually used twice in two days to pick up Niele in a pinch when he was off-leash, and the tough plastic d-rings on the back and the chest pieces. Niele’s previous harness had a metal d-ring, which was not only noisy with his ID tags on it, but was beginning to rust since we go out in the rain and water a lot.

The harness is made of a reflective material which makes finding a black pug in the dark very easy even without a flashlight! There is one recommendation I could make to PoyPet regarding their fitting chart. They may want to include a range of neck measurements just in case for dogs similar to ours that have pretty thick necks.

You can check out this PoyPet Harness at Amazon by clicking HERE.

Happy Tails!

Lynn, Bob and Niele


Disclaimer: This is an honest review of the PoyPet harness we purchased for our pug. We have included Amazon affiliate links throughout this blog and if you desire to purchase this harness and click on one of affiliate links, we will receive a very small fee, however your cost would be the same regardless if you use our link or just go to Amazon or PoyPet directly. If you do decide to use our Amazon affiliate link, we truly appreciate your support and will continue to provide high quality reviews for your benefit.

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  1. Daniel says:

    I sincerely thank you for choosing Poypet products.PoyPet No Pull Dog Harness was created by the golden retriever of the hostess leaves, named duoduo. It is a gentle, heavy girl weighing 80lbs. Because of the collar that was bought, duoduo was uncomfortable to wear, and always wanted to get rid of it, so we designed a harness suitable for her. Sure enough, duoduo liked it very much and couldn’t put it down. This makes the relationship between the owner leaves and duoduo more harmonious.
    Regarding Lynn, Bob and Niele’s neck measurement recommendations, we will redesign again. Makes it easier for customers to choose products, and also makes love pets more comfortable to wear.
    This is our mission and the result of everyone’s expectations.
    Kindly regards,

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