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Niele Tackles Imbabura Volcano (in Ecuador)

Each year, the Quechua (pronounced Ketchwa) of the northern Andes in Ecuador, hike up the mountains to reforest with indigenous plants that they use for medicinal and cooking purposes. This year, Niele (and Piere and Bob and I) were invited to participate in the reforestation. There were approximately 200 people from German’s community of Iluman…
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Niele loves the Chimpmunks Xmas Song!

Music by Alvin and The Chimpmunks!  

It’s a Part-e-e-e-e in the house!

Woohoo! It’s a party! I’m celebrating 100 likes on Facebook! Thank you all sooooo much. I hope you enjoy our party video!

I’m so sad…

I’m sad because no one has liked, shared, or supported my Kickstarter campaign. And only one of my friends have bought my new eBook. I only have 21 more days to create the support I need to meet my goal of bringing fun, adorable children’s books to the world. So to help you help me,…
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