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Day 11 Still Going

Aloha all! After a long, hot walk into town to get some groceries, Niele still wasn’t tired and jumped right in the water again. At least we know he’s not overheating. This might be the solution to doggie boredom for the next few days. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube For more travel fun…
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Zoom Zoom Zoey!

Our little Zoey, whom we adopted last year, is quite a character. When we adopted her she weighed twice her current 10.1 kg and could barely move. But slowly, we helped her get in shape and now she has many days like this. And this is after an one hour long walk. Go Zoey! If…
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Drug Addicts

No worries everyone, it’s just an NSAID for dogs…with beef flavoring…yummy!

Dinner Please?!?!

I know you have a lot of work, but I starving!

My Ring Toy

Niele and Zoey decide who has the blue ring toy

Niele Has Another Drax Encounter

Niele and Drax argued, played, and talked for about six months, but eventually worked it out and became friends. And even though Drax moved away, Niele still looks for him on every walk. To good friends…even noisy, boisterous ones… Niele Talk to me at: info@nielethecuriouspug.comLike me at: me at: me at:

Radical Itch

I hate it when I have a radical itch I can’t reach. Thank goodness for Mom! One Itchy Puggy Talk to me at: Like me at: Tweet me at: Pin me at:  

What’s This Guy Saying?

Niele loves to watch animal videos on the phone, the pad, the computer, and the TV. But I think this adorable, screechy little puggy confused him. ~Lynn Talk to me at: info@nielethecuriouspug.comLike me at: me at: me at: Niele approved video watching devices… And Niele’s personal favorite for viewing animal action videos: Only the biggest and…
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