Author: Lynn Herkes

Happy Birthday Niele!

Our little Niele turns 8 years old today. While we’re going to celebrate with a long walk, new beds for both Niele and Zoey, and special treats at dinner time, we also wanted to let you know something we think is kind of cool. We’ve always used the old equation: dog years x 7 =…
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Day 11 Still Going

Aloha all! After a long, hot walk into town to get some groceries, Niele still wasn’t tired and jumped right in the water again. At least we know he’s not overheating. This might be the solution to doggie boredom for the next few days. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube For more travel fun…
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Day 10 Ecuador Pandemic Quarantine

I think Niele is bored… So I know we’re bored, even though we have tons of video editing, blog writing, and website maintenance on our to do lists…but I think Niele is beyond bored. He’s decided to play in his foot wash bucket…for over an hour. I’m pretty sure he thinks he’s making bubbles…. If…
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Zoom Zoom Zoey!

Our little Zoey, whom we adopted last year, is quite a character. When we adopted her she weighed twice her current 10.1 kg and could barely move. But slowly, we helped her get in shape and now she has many days like this. And this is after an one hour long walk. Go Zoey! If…
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Pug Breakfast…Yum!

So this is kind of a normal morning for us even though it’s Day 5 of our quarantine hear in Ecuador. We thought we’d show you what the dogs eat since we’ve seen a lot of different communication about feeding pugs. Our two pugs both have hip problems. Niele has pretty severe hip dysplasia and…
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Drug Addicts

No worries everyone, it’s just an NSAID for dogs…with beef flavoring…yummy!

Snooze Time

A quick after -breakfast snooze before our promised park expedition.

Tips for Young People Traveling with a Dog

Written by Cindy Aldridge of ourdogfriends.org Travel is a wonderful way to learn about the world, meet new people, and experience diverse cultures. Globetrotting has even been shown to be good for mental health, as it reduces stress, promotes life satisfaction, enhances creativity, and makes people more mentally resilient (Nazish, 2018). Travel can be especially…
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