Who is Niele?

And why does he have a blog/vlog?

After adopting an older Australian Shepard, we found Niele when he was 3 months old at a pug breeder in Hawai’i. He was the runt and the breeder was desperate to sell him. Niele ran right up to my husband and provided massive puggy kisses…so he went home with him. Since he arrived, he has been a non-stop bundle of energy, fun, and antics that bring a smile to everyone who meets him every where we go.

Niele has a sense of intelligence and caring that is uncommonly unique among dogs. Sometimes he reacts as though he actually understands English (and Spanish). Since Niele (and we) love all animals, we decided to bring his comical and curious nature to the public through a children’s book series and an internet presence and use a portion of the profits to support non-profit pro-animal organizations worldwide.

So help Niele help the amazing world of animals in need of loving care, good homes and protection from harm. We’ll make a difference…one puggy paw at a time.

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How Important is Training?

The Secret to a Good Dog

Niele is special because he is one of those dogs that was just good, right from the start. But he does have a stubborn streak. And, just like with any one who is stubborn, you need patience and out-of-the-box thinking to achieve your training goals.

I’ve trained horses for 25 years and now my own dogs for 8 years. Training is the basis for a loving, well-behaved, fun relationship between people and animals (and people and people for that matter). Each animal is unique, just like people, in how their learn and understand. So it’s important to be flexible, patient, firm and always try to figure out the best solution to the problem at hand.

But treats do help, especially for puggies (and horses!).

Niele’s Friends

There’s a world full of animals our there that need help. Even if you can’t adopt, here’s a few ways you can help.

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